Our farm produces sea buckthorn seedlings on order in large quantities for sea buckthorn plantations and nurseries. Our nursery is certificated by State Plant Protection Service of Latvia.

Also we are Organically certified!

For reservations please call +371 20037855 (Kristine) or write [email protected] You are welcome to ask for our advice regarding the choice of sea buckthorns, their planting, cultivation, etc.

Last seedlings available for this spring:

  • Botanicheskaja Lubitelskaja (1-year-old, L size - over 50cm, bare roots): 3840 gb
  • Botanicheskaja Lubitelskaja (2-years-old, XXL size, bareroots): 550 gb
  • Lord (male plants, 1-year-old, L size - over 50cm, bare roots): 500 gb

SIA Kronīši AK is a family farm located in northern Latvia. In summer of 2019 our farm became organically certified. There are many sea buckthorn varieties in the world, but we have chosen to grow the most productive, large-fruited sort, whose berries reach even 1 gram mark, and guarantee our customers the highest yield and income. 

We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers gain higher and faster yields by investing as little time and resources as possible in the commercial garden. We are one of the few farms that offer to buy 2-year-old plants - they are more resistant to external factors and the first yield will be harvested a year earlier.

Our climate is variable and typical of the north, so we can say that our plants are resistant and able to adapt in all conditions. 





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