Our nursery is certificated by State Plant Protection Service of Latvia. Our SPPS number: 4005679 


BOTANICHESKAJA LUBITELSKAJA (Botaņičeskaja Ļubiķeļskaja)

Female. Very productive, medium height shrub. Very juicy fruits ~ 0,5-1,0 grams heavy, ripen at the end of the August. Harvesting: ~ 12 days. Berries contain up to 90% juice.

MARY (Marija – cultivar from Latvia)
Female. Average height shrub. Fruits - light orange, ~ 0,5-0,8 grams heavy, ripen early September. Harvesting: ~ 20 days. The berries of this breed are loved by the dealers, because it is possible to get both juice (~ 87%) and high-quality oil from fruits. 

PROZRACHNAJA (Prozračnaja) 
Female. The shrub is high, but the roots grow deep in the ground, so the breed is particularly suitable for driest areas. Fruits - light orange with darker spots on both ends, ~ 0.6-0.9 grams heav, ripen early in September. Harvesting: ~ 16 days. The berries are large and juicy. 

Male. Adult shrubs of this breed reach 3.5 to 4 meters in height. Provides for pollination of productive female plants. Polluter with high (85%) pollen germination and suitability to colder and variable climate. Plant one male seedling for 8-10 female seedlings.


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