In our family business, sea buckthorn plants are grown in the second generation, and they create new commercial gardens every year, both in Latvia and in Europe.

Plants are grown in 1 ha area where 50 000 - 80 000 plants are grown annually. Planting material is produced in the fields of our own mother's plants by producing wooden cuttings from the shoots of previous season. In the spring of 2019, the seedling field was equipped with a roller sprinkler (watering system), which allows all seedlings to ensure uniform moisture level.  The plant field is fertilised with organic manure, but plants are fed with biohumus during the summer period. Our plants are provided with a organic certificate and plant passports.

In spring, plants are digged mechanically from the field but sorted by hand - each plant is measured to match the size ordered by the customer (L or M) and tested for the root of the plant


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